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WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

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Gauge Re-arrange

I really wanted to move my boost gauge to my dash in order to see it better during spirited driving, and to keep an eye on it seeing if I can improve my MPG’s with some better throttle control.

I removed the dash, glove box, and center console to clean-up and re-work the wiring.


During the process, I discovered my laptop is the perfect fit in my dash! This could even work because Nistune provides a screen full of gauges.

In making the new dash, I had a piece of stainless cut on a waterjet machine, and in order to illuminate the turn signals and check engine lights, I made some housings for the LED’s out of some aluminum round bar. My trusty Milwaukee band saw made quick work cutting the blanks.

I clamped the blanks into my mill, and got to work.

Milling a flat surface that will be bonded to the back of the dash ensuring no light will leak through.

A few steps later, and here is the basic housing.

I then made some lenses to diffuse the light and cut down on glare.

Using two-part epoxy I permanently bonded the lens to the housing, let it sit overnight, then bonded all the housings to the dash.

All glued, wired, and lightbulbed.

Having run into the nuisance of being unable to easily remove the dash to work behind it, just like my new console, I finished the dash with Molex connectors.

Warning lights on top left and right corners.


This is the back of the glove box, moving two gauges from my center console here, and a small screen to see the air pressure in my air tank and air bag suspension. I had to fab up some brackets in order to get these to fit right.

All wired up, including a switch to toggle the illumination, and of course my new favorite accessory: the molex connector!

It is very convenient having the two widebands next to each other, and looks super cool!