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WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

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Napa Mud Flap Inner Wheel Well Liner

After amassing a good amount of these pieces of hardware from numerous speaker installations I figured they would be the ideal fastener to install some home made wheel well liners to protect the newly installed air springs.

Going to Napa, I got one of the largest mud flaps they had. I was hoping for a rubber flap, but this plastic one for big rig trailers fit my specs perfectly, so I cut it in half lengthwise to have one for each side.

Making these is always something I have wanted to do. Since I first started tinkering on the van I noticed mounting holes in the rear wells for liners, but my van never had any, and now that I have bags of air holding up the rear of my van I thought it a better time than any to install a little bit of protection. Cutting this stuff proved to be very tough, I began by using a box cutter then switched to my oscillating tool (like the one doctors use to remove casts), but this stuff is meant to be durable, and durable it is.

Installed with some screws I had on the shelf to get me on the going, but will switch to some black screws soon enough. I made certain to leave enough room for the differential when I am aired out all the way. Wish I did this a long time ago, but am very happy with how they turned out.