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WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

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Speaker System Upgrade in the MPV TT

With a healthy dose of bass in the PeeVee, I finally decided it was time for some extra power to my component speakers to keep them from being out played by the subwoofer.

Planning on moving my Alpine components currently in the front doors to the back, I purchased a set of highly regarded Infinity Kappas, and a super small yet appropriately powerful RE/US Amps amplifier with a set of Stinger RCA’s to deliver the signal.

Comparing the new Infinity speaker on the right to the Alpine on the left.

Infinity on the right, Alpine on the left, very similar.

New Infinity tweeter on the left, and old Alpine on the right.

Comparing crossovers.

The guts of the new RE amplifier.

The raw mounting plate fresh of the CNC Plasma for mounting the amplifier inverted under the drivers seat.

Buffed and bolted up under the seat.

Mounted showing just how tiny this amp is, and armed with a pair of 90* adapters for one channel to keep it tidy.

Stinger 4ch RCA’s

Hooked up.

Wired and loomed for a clean install.

Got rid of the factory wiring to run some fresh speaker wire and mounted the woofer and crossover. Using the factory wire to pull the new stuff through made it an easy upgrade.

Installing the new, larger tweeters at first seemed like a difficult task since there were already existing holes from the Alpine tweeters, but I had a piece of stainless pipe which had the perfect inside diameter. I pressed this up against the finished side of the door panel, then used my Dremel to cut away the difference using the pipe as a guide.

In the rear, for mounting the tweeters, I found a flat spot which left the tweeter in an optimal position with relation to the seat-belts, windows, and backside of the panel. Once I marked the proper location I drilled a small pilot hole from the topside.

I then used my hole saw to cut a nice circle being sure to stop once I cut through the plastic, but before I damaged the vinyl. I then used a knife to cut the vinyl circle out from the topside ensuring a clean cut for a solid installation with no rips and tears.


Nice matching installations.

The swivel action of the tweeters allows for optimal aiming. The sound in the drivers seat is amazing, and blasting the tunes with the windows down at highway speeds is much more enjoyable. The sound in the back seat is also much improved since those passengers are bombarded with bass and the nearest speakers are blocked by the legs of the passengers. All in all, a great upgrade to the MPV, and one long overdue.