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WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

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From simple fixes and renovations in and around the home, to wild and crazy custom fabrication – if it rolls, floats, or is in need of repair, I am your guy! Armed with an arsenal of air and power tools, equipped with a Grizzly mill, and a CNC Plasma; I can fabricate just about anything and solve many of your most troublesome problems. It is my mission to relieve you from your most troublesome predicaments. What follows is a compilation of solutions to everyday problems.

WARNING: Some solutions may be too radical to comprehend!!!

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CNC Plasma Cutting
CAD Designing
Residential & Commercial
Automotive & Marine Repair/Customization
Metal/Plastic/Wood/Magic Fabrication
Slide Digitization
Painting & Staining
Audio & Electronics
Custom Coax Installations
Electronic & Appliance Repair
OSHA Lift Truck Certified
Project Consulting

If you have a project in mind feel free to contact me. If you have a DXF file I can use it to cut out your design on my CNC Plasma Machine, feel free to send it, or drop it off.


Buck Stove Glass Upgrade

After becoming familiar with my buck stove through my first winter in the house, learning to peer through certain peekaboo cracks, and listening to the expanding and contracting of the iron stove, I knew by replacing the vision impairing steel door inserts for glass ones, I would be able to...Read More »

Stainless Steel Chimney Cap

I had a sense from the “advice” of the housing inspector that a chimney cap might be necessary. It wasn’t until I experienced a few smokey blow backs, and had a couple fires snubbed out that I knew I couldn’t go another heating season without addressing the issue. ...Read More »

Growing a Woodshop

Almost a year after settling into my new home, the garage is slowly becoming less of a storage space and more of a place where the magic will happen.

Starting with this empty wall – my goal with this half of the garage is to create a safe, productive, and...Read More »

Two Step Handrail

A project I recently worked on, was to build this handrail to provide support for two steps entering a customers home.

After cutting up a few pieces of steel tubing and flat bar, I got to work drilling the mounting holes for where the handrail will mount to the brick...Read More »

One-of-a-kind Folding Bar/Dining/Kitchen Table

A buddy of mine came to me for some help in making his dreams come true. He had recently lost his kitchen table, and just could not find the right replacement. Enter SuperDave…..

I went down to my favorite hardwoods store and found a pile of discounted 3/4″ MDF...Read More »

A Cedar Fence Renaissance

A customer contacted me to repair their fence which their new dog was finding all the ways to escape from. After an assessment, it appeared the slats were in the worst shape while the pressure treated posts were still in good condition with the cement still secure holding...Read More »

Easy Bucket Handle Repair

Distributing my harvest from the rain barrels has really revived my love for the bucket. Most buckets come with a small plastic grip which really is not much better than the wire handle. One such puny handle belonged to this bucket and was broken, making it a...Read More »

Speaker System Upgrade in the MPV TT

With a healthy dose of bass in the PeeVee, I finally decided it was time for some extra power to my component speakers to keep them from being out played by the subwoofer.

Planning on moving my Alpine components currently in the front doors to the back, I...Read More »

Rain Drain Repair

After installing my rain barrel system at my parents home, and once it was full to the brim, I went out to see how well the overflow works. I discovered a puddle around the downspout and water percolating from the cement rain drain it fed into.

After some excavating...Read More »

Rain Harvesting

Living in the Pacific Northwest means seeing lots of rain throughout the year. With the notion of being able to capture some of the rain that would normally hit the roof, flow through the gutters, out the downspout, then into the drain, I set out to build a rain...Read More »

Cleaning Rollerblade Bearings

Over the last four years, these Red Star Rocket wheels seen seen all types of surfaces, and terrain.  With many miles of abuse on them, they had sat in storage for almost a year up until a week ago…  I dusted off the boots and head out for a few hours...Read More »

Car Stereo Cable Adapters

With the goal of learning about my milling machines mass production capabilities I set out not only to decrease the size of my scrap pile, but also to fabricate something which could be a marketable product.

Beginning with this ‘sliver’ from a 1″x12″ piece of aluminum flat...Read More »

Giant Aluminum Spoiler Brackets

A customer with a Nissan 350Z inquired if I could use my CNC Plasma to make him some new brackets for his carbon fiber spoiler. I met up with him, took some measurements, and found that the stock height for his wing was 45″. I asked how high...Read More »

Contour Dash Cam

Starting with a scrap piece of 1/4″ aluminum flat bar, I first thinned the width to fit perfectly behind the sun visor clip.

Making some nice curls.


The perfect shape after massaging it with a little heat and a big hammer.

Read More »

Distribution Blocks

I ran out of room to run my power cables and wanted to make something that would accommodate all my accessories and leave room for future add-ons.

This is what I am looking to improve upon…

I begin with a chunk of aluminum I had in my scrap pile.

After...Read More »

Custom Bracket

A customer presented this to me and asked if I could turn this piece of paper into some 3/8 steel.

I started by taking some measurements of my own, and confirming the customers specifications then creating it in TurboCAD.

Just the combination of electricity and air allow me to...Read More »

Headrest Coat Hanger

With the wet season always upon us in Seattle, I was unhappy throwing my wet coat on the floor of my van. So I searched around my house for some pieces to make a hanger that would mount to the posts on my headrest.

Found some 3/4″ aluminum rod...Read More »

Amplifier Wire Terminal Adapters

My Audiobahn amplifier only accepted 4 gauge power wire, and had 8 gauge speaker wire terminals. With some 303 stainless steel flatbar and my trusty Grizzly G0619 with power feed I aimed to change that.

Starting with some rough chunks……

……the first thing I did was even out the...Read More »

The GoPro Clamp

One problem I have run into while GoPro-ing is the lack of a device to easily secure my camera to any round object like a pole, railing, and roll cage. Originally designed to improve my times around the local Go Kart track, I have found many other uses for...Read More »

Custom Casting Deck for a Bayliner Ski Boat

In my family, we love our water sports. We also love to fish. So how do you turn your bow rider into a competent fishing boat capable of out fishing purpose built machines??? A casting deck!

This was the first casting deck we made for our boat....Read More »

Flower Bed Revitalization

I began work on this garden by ripping out the old rotted garden border and enlarging the trench surrounding the garden in preparation for some pretreated 4×6 pieces of lumber.

Since there was a slope to the yard, special care was taken to ensure the new border...Read More »

GoPro Suction Cups

The following pictures and screenshots are all taken using the very versatile suction cup specifically designed for the GoPro.

On a family road trip I fastened the suction cup inside the window of the backseat on the drivers side. I had it take a picture every 2 seconds and...Read More »

LED Fluorescent Housing Fixture

Continuing with making hi-end lights on a budget, my customer brought me a fluorescent tube housing to retrofit with as many LEDs as I could and include a dimmer switch. The plan for this light is that it would plug in, but I have left enough space in the housing...Read More »

Twin Suction Cup GoPro Pole Mount

I decided to create a rig to attempt to capture some awesome perspective shots of the MPV.

I used some 7/8″ Aluminum 6063 T8 .058 walled tube with some milled 5052 adapters to affix the suction cups to the rig.

Here is a video of the milling done to create the mounts.Read More »

K&N Air Filter Cleaning

With 18,000+ miles over 5 years of some hard driving my MPG’s began to decrease and my filters seemed like a good place to start. The great thing about K&N air filters is their ability to be cleaned and re-oiled with one of their recharge kits for a fraction...Read More »

300ZX Front Brakes

With the prospect of upgrading my rear differential and the rear brakes, I knew a revamp of my front brakes was in order. After doing some research, I discovered that my RX-7 upgrade was not not an ideal option to be paired with my future rear brakes. It...Read More »

Making The PhotoCopier

When my grandfather Jack passed away, he left behind thousands of slides which captured moments dating back a few decades. There exist places which charge an arm and a leg to digitize these slides, and they won’t place them back in the carousels. There are also scanners and...Read More »

Fun With The Chainsaw

With super windy nights happening every-so-often in the Pacific Northwest, this is not an uncommon sight.

I got the call to attend to this matter in which the branch had fallen on the roof of the garage. I grabbed my trusty 14″ STIHL chainsaw and KRAUSE ladder to...Read More »

Custom Kayak Trailer

A customer came to me with a problem – Create a simple low-dollar solution to haul a kayak in order to avoid strapping it to the roof of his wagon.

After installing a hidden hitch, I began with a [i]Haul-Master 1195 Lb. Capacity 48″ x 96″ Heavy Duty Foldable Utility Trailer...Read More »

The Wonders of a Toyota Previa Oil Change

The Toyota Previa first appeared in 1990 with 2.4L inline 4. In 1994 they began attaching a supercharger to some models, producing 160hp with the help of 6psi of twin screw action. This was of course to compete with other minivans like the MPV which ran a V6.

This...Read More »

Rollerblading With The GoPro

I had acquired a bunch of extra sticky mounts, so I decided to mount one to each of my skates.

Here is my Bauer Vapor boot.

I first cleaned off the area of application with some rubbing alcohol, let it dry, and then mounted the flat mount.


The bolt holding...Read More »

Refreshing Patio Furniture

The weather of the Pacific Northwest is very tough on wooden patio furniture. Hot summers bombard the wood with harsh UV rays, and the notorious downpours are very conducive to mold and mildew.

This thread will show you how to clean the wood in preparation for staining. ...Read More »

Skiing Boat Mount for GoPro

It is summer out here in Seattle, and there is no better weather to go skiing. I enjoy slalom skiing, and have always wanted to be able to tape my runs. This thread shows the process I took to mount my GoPro for such a recording.

I used some...Read More »

GoPro Travelling Case

This is a B&W Type 30 Outdoor Case with a 9L volume. This is my first set-up,
and I tried to systematically place my equipment in the case, removing minimal
padding and with the forethought of expansion.

I like to keep a stubby philips in the case to loosen stubborn...Read More »