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WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

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  • The GoPro Clamp

    One problem I have run into while GoPro-ing is the lack of a device to easily secure my camera to any round object like a pole, railing, and roll cage. Originally designed to improve my times around the local Go Kart track, I have found many other uses for this great design.

    Like most of my aluminum projects, I started this one off with some 6061 grade aluminum, but this time in the form of 3/4″ x 4″ flat bar.

    Once I cut the piece in half, I then machined down the rough edge…

    … making two identical blocks.

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  • Custom Casting Deck for a Bayliner Ski Boat

    In my family, we love our water sports. We also love to fish. So how do you turn your bow rider into a competent fishing boat capable of out fishing purpose built machines??? A casting deck!

    This was the first casting deck we made for our boat. Constructed out of 3/4″ marine grade plywood and covered in boat carpet. While it flexed when you got on the trolling motor, or made a big hook set on a monster from the deep, it snapped at the weakest point. (You can see some distortion on the outer right side where the wood snapped but the carpet was holding it together.) Some things we looked to improve upon was the ability to keep all ten fingers after attempting to open the locker doors, more legroom, detachable motor mount, and an overall sturdier product.

    So we took what we learned from the first one and set out to make one capable of landing Moby Dick. We started with a fresh template from a piece of cardboard.

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  • Custom Kayak Trailer

    A customer came to me with a problem – Create a simple low-dollar solution to haul a kayak in order to avoid strapping it to the roof of his wagon.

    After installing a hidden hitch, I began with a [i]Haul-Master 1195 Lb. Capacity 48″ x 96″ Heavy Duty Foldable Utility Trailer with 12″ Wheels[/i] from Harbor Freight.

    Box shot

    All unpacked and ready to assemble

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  • Skiing Boat Mount for GoPro

    It is summer out here in Seattle, and there is no better weather to go skiing. I enjoy slalom skiing, and have always wanted to be able to tape my runs. This thread shows the process I took to mount my GoPro for such a recording.

    I used some aluminum scraps from around the house, and an old bearing from a defunct pair of rollerblades.

    I started by sanding down an aluminum tube to fit inside the rear light socket of the boat.

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