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WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

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  • Building a New Rear End – Part 3

    So after ensuring the MPV TT is built strong for going fast, next was to ensure I could slow down from all that speed.

    After purchasing a flaring tool and a few feet of steel 3/16″ brake lines I, spent a few hours practicing and refining my technique until I could consistently produce a good and centered double flare.

    Here are the final pieces necessary for hooking up the master cylinder to the new proportioning block, and the line lock.

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  • 300ZX Front Brakes

    With the prospect of upgrading my rear differential and the rear brakes, I knew a revamp of my front brakes was in order. After doing some research, I discovered that my RX-7 upgrade was not not an ideal option to be paired with my future rear brakes. It turns out that the small piston bore of the RX-7 calipers left little to no options for a simple solution.

    So, I went with something that has proven itself useful with the MPV, Z32 parts. These aluminum calipers have a giant piston bore but the matching rotor was too shallow to work with my setup. After some more research, I discovered that the 2006+ Subaru B9 Tribeca had a 30mm thick rotor at 315mm in diameter which had an ideal hat height. The only hurdle with these rotors was increasing the center bore to fit around the larger MPV hub bearing, which proved to be a simple task for my machinist.

    From left to right, Subaru Tribeca, Nissan 300ZX, MPV.

    Tribeca vs MPV, you can see the need to increase the center bore.

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  • RX-7 Brake Caliper Upgrade

    I originally acquired a set of Z32 30mm Aluminum 4 Piston front brakes in July 2009. The mounting points on the calipers would prove to be a major issue. So I passed on the calipers and saved the 30mm rotors. I had to bore out the rotor hat in order for it to fit snugly on the hub. From here, I went on a search for the most ideal 4 pot aluminum caliper.

    I sourced some RX-7 calipers, pleased to stick with the Mazda.

    They were designed for a much lighter car (almost half the weight) and as a result, not willing to work with my Z32 rotors.

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