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WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

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  • Divorced Downpipes

    So, after searching for the good part of a 2 month period for a cause to the MPV randomly cutting out while driving, many things began to unfold.

    When the MPV died, sometimes letting it rest for a minute with the power off, resetting the ECU seemed to do the trick. Other times, unplugging the MAF’s and running in limp mode was the only answer.

    Finally, in early March lots of things began going wrong. The hose to my brake booster cracked and I was left with no brakes. I was driving around with an intercooler pipe off because of this

    :-[ :P :-[

    Finally, when I was sure it was the SAFC at fault, a light bulb came on. Using my wideband I noticed a huge difference when I swapped the d/s MAF with the p/s MAF. BAM! It was a bad MAF.

    >:( >:( >:(

    By this time though, all the driving I had done in limp mode had wreaked havoc on my O2 sensors, and they needed replacing.

    I had used some birthday money a few months back to purchase some used Z1 split downpipes, so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

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  • Italian Tune, Taking it Home, and Exhaust Completion

    The first time hitting high revs was on Andre’s Dyno Dynamics. During the Italian tune, some problems presented themselves as could be seen by a flaming exhaust and horrible sputtering at higher RPM’s. We found this to be the culprit…

    For some reason the pin had sheared clear off!

    It had sheared off just below the bearing, so the pin would spin, but the laser disk would not.

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