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WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

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  • Stainless Steel Chimney Cap

    I had a sense from the “advice” of the housing inspector that a chimney cap might be necessary. It wasn’t until I experienced a few smokey blow backs, and had a couple fires snubbed out that I knew I couldn’t go another heating season without addressing the issue. Once I located the chimney cap of my dreams, I discovered that it only fitted on round pipe. What follows is the design and fabrication process of DIY stainless steel transition adapter to go from the 12″ square ceramic tile to the 8″ round stove pipe.

    I used my arting & crafting powers to create a fairly accurate template of what my cap adapter will need to fit around.

    Playing around with the cardboard helps me visualize how I will use one flat sheet to create the 3-d structure I am after with some forming.

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  • Growing a Woodshop

    Almost a year after settling into my new home, the garage is slowly becoming less of a storage space and more of a place where the magic will happen.

    Starting with this empty wall – my goal with this half of the garage is to create a safe, productive, and space efficient woodworking area. Attaching a perfectly level 2×4 across the wall will provide the backbone from which to build my bench.

    After being gifted the radial arm saw from an old neighbor, I knew I had to incorporate it into my bench. With some framing starting to take shape, the radial arm saw was held in place with temporary supports until more of the bench was built in order to perfect the placement and confirm its levelness before finally framing it in.

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  • Two Step Handrail

    A project I recently worked on, was to build this handrail to provide support for two steps entering a customers home.

    After cutting up a few pieces of steel tubing and flat bar, I got to work drilling the mounting holes for where the handrail will mount to the brick wall…

    …and where it will mount to the steps.

    I trimmed the ironworked scroll to get the right look, then beveled the edges to be welded providing room for deeper penetration and a solid weld.

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  • One-of-a-kind Folding Bar/Dining/Kitchen Table

    A buddy of mine came to me for some help in making his dreams come true. He had recently lost his kitchen table, and just could not find the right replacement. Enter SuperDave…..

    20140726_140009I went down to my favorite hardwoods store and found a pile of discounted 3/4″ MDF with a white oak veneer. I chose this over cabinet grade plywood because this solved the issue of the exposed grain around the table edge, and would produce a more consistent finish after routing. Before I left, I had the store slice up the rough cuts so it fit better in the truck.

    DSC_0080Once home, I preformed the final cuts by setting up my handy aluminum channel fence, and using my skillsaw with my clearance hardboard set-up seen in other projects.

    DSC_0153With the pieces cut, I used some remnants to erect the shelves in freespace which helped average out any misalignment incurred by trying to build something square on my sloped garage floor.

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  • Napa Mud Flap Inner Wheel Well Liner

    After amassing a good amount of these pieces of hardware from numerous speaker installations I figured they would be the ideal fastener to install some home made wheel well liners to protect the newly installed air springs.

    Going to Napa, I got one of the largest mud flaps they had. I was hoping for a rubber flap, but this plastic one for big rig trailers fit my specs perfectly, so I cut it in half lengthwise to have one for each side.

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  • Building a New Rear End – Part 3

    So after ensuring the MPV TT is built strong for going fast, next was to ensure I could slow down from all that speed.

    After purchasing a flaring tool and a few feet of steel 3/16″ brake lines I, spent a few hours practicing and refining my technique until I could consistently produce a good and centered double flare.

    Here are the final pieces necessary for hooking up the master cylinder to the new proportioning block, and the line lock.

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  • A Permanent Battery Solution

    Not more than 2 months after, in March 2008, I was getting tired of driving about without the thump and bump because I had a battery sitting in my cargo space due to the limited space in my engine bay with two turbos worth of intercooler piping. So I whipped out the air powered cut-off tool and fabed up a solution.

    I had to remove the spare tire in order to make this possible.

    I pulled back the carpet and went to town.

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