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WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

WARNING: This website contains ingenuity, do not try this at home.

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  • One-of-a-kind Folding Bar/Dining/Kitchen Table

    A buddy of mine came to me for some help in making his dreams come true. He had recently lost his kitchen table, and just could not find the right replacement. Enter SuperDave…..

    20140726_140009I went down to my favorite hardwoods store and found a pile of discounted 3/4″ MDF with a white oak veneer. I chose this over cabinet grade plywood because this solved the issue of the exposed grain around the table edge, and would produce a more consistent finish after routing. Before I left, I had the store slice up the rough cuts so it fit better in the truck.

    DSC_0080Once home, I preformed the final cuts by setting up my handy aluminum channel fence, and using my skillsaw with my clearance hardboard set-up seen in other projects.

    DSC_0153With the pieces cut, I used some remnants to erect the shelves in freespace which helped average out any misalignment incurred by trying to build something square on my sloped garage floor.

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  • Rain Harvesting

    Living in the Pacific Northwest means seeing lots of rain throughout the year. With the notion of being able to capture some of the rain that would normally hit the roof, flow through the gutters, out the downspout, then into the drain, I set out to build a rain barrel system that would capture the rain and allow easy access of the supply.

    P1130932I sourced some HDPE 55 gallon barrels which would resist UV rays and hamper the growth of algae. After a using a pressure washer to clean out the remaining contents of the barrels I picked up a variety of ABS fittings to connect the system together.

    P1130929I set-up a little work area with my trusty Black and Decker Workmate and a chop saw, and made a pile of pressure treated 4×4′s and 2×4′s close at hand making cutting the lumber a breeze.

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  • Distribution Blocks

    I ran out of room to run my power cables and wanted to make something that would accommodate all my accessories and leave room for future add-ons.

    This is what I am looking to improve upon…

    I begin with a chunk of aluminum I had in my scrap pile.

    After marking out the inputs with proper spacing, I clamped it into my Grizzly mill and got to work.

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